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Noboribetsu is known as one of the most famous hot spring resorts in Japan.
Noboribetsu Grand Hotel, established in 1938, is called "the Guest House in Noboribetsu" since it was chosen for an accommodation of Showa Emperor and Empress.
We look forward to welcoming you with 3 different types of hot springs, fresh local foods and personalized services.

Check-In 15:00
Check-Out 10:00


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How to get here


10 minutes from Noboribetsu East IC of Hokkaido Expressway.

100 minutes from Sapporo.

60 minutes from New Chitose Airport.

13 minutes from JR Noboribetsu station.

Nearby Attractions

  • Jigokudani (Hell Valley)
    Jigokudani (Hell Valley)

    Jigokudani is a volcanic crater formed by eruptions of Mount Hiyori. It displays many gushing points of hot spring waters and hots steam vents.

  • Lake Kuttara
    Lake Kuttara

    Lake Kuttara, a circular lake with circumference of 8km, was once a volcanic caldera. Its mystic clear water attracts visitors.

  • Noboribetsu Bear Park
    Noboribetsu Bear Park

    Noboribetsu Bear Park provides a chance to see bears closer and various experiences related to bears.

Hot Spring

Hot Spring

Enjoy the open-air bath where you can feel the seasons as well as 3 types of hot springs; salt spring, sulfurous spring and chalybeate spring.

  • Roman bath

    Feel relaxed with sunlight from the high cielling in the dome-shaped roman bath.

  • Open-air bath

    Open-air bath facing a waterfall in the Japanese garden. Enjoy both aromatic cypress bath and natural rock bath.



Various types of rooms such as suites with a cypress bath and guest rooms with an open-air bath are available. Choose the space that's right for you.

  • Rooms with an open-air bath

    Rooms with Japanese cypress bath are available for both Japanese and Western styles.

  • room

    Experience relaxed time in open spaces with calm colors.

  • the dining area

    Special dishes are provided in the dining area designed only for guests staying suites.

Semi-Western-style rooms and Japanese-style rooms are also available.

  • Semi-Western-style rooms

    Semi-Western-style rooms

  • Japanese-style rooms

    Japanese-style rooms

  • Japanese-style rooms

    Japanese-style rooms

  • Standard Western-style rooms

    Standard Western-style rooms



Enjoy various dishes prepared with fresh ingredients of Hokkaido in your preffered style.


  • Dinner buffet

    Dinner buffet in which you can eat as much as you want of what you like.

  • full-course Japanese cuisine

    Relax and enjoy full-course Japanese cuisine in your own guest rooms.


  • Dinner buffet

    In the dining area only for guests staying suites, you can choose Japanese or Westeren cuisine according to your preference.
    Enjoy fresh salad buffet as well.

  • full-course Japanese cuisine

    Breakfast buffet serves various kinds of Japanese and Western dishes. Enjoy as much as you like.



Treat yourself with tasting drinks of popular brands and original cocktails at the bar or refreshing treatments using skin care items made in Hokkaido at the spa.

Kay-Seven Main Bar

Kay-Seven Main Bar

OPEN 20:00  CLOSE 24:00